Day Spa

At Tida Thai Massage Spa, we believe in prioritizing personal wellness, and an excellent way to do that is by achieving optimal relaxation at our day spa. A massage is integral to treating a variety of different physical ailments. Even doctors have recommended a deep tissue massage for those under a lot of stress or physical strain. The magic of massage therapy is actually very scientific. The physical sensation of the pain being slowly worked away releases endorphins to the brain, allowing you to feel a general sense of peace. Allow us to show you true relaxation with one of our many services.

Although we specialize in Thai massage, we also offer many other types. Try a hot stone massage or treat that special person in your life to one of our couple massages. A sports massage can help relieve areas of your body that you may have injured during playing. Your Thai masseuse can explain in detail all of our massage services so you can decide which one is right for you.

For more information on our services visit our day spa at Tida Thai Massage Spa in Costa Mesa, CA today. Let the relaxation begin!