Massage Therapy

If you have you been experiencing some obnoxious pain in your muscles or finding it hard to get comfortable when you are attempting to lay back and relax, this could be a sign of stress or tension. From overexertion in sports to sleeping on your neck the wrong way, massage therapy can ease the unwanted tension on your the muscles.

A popular example is seen in the Swedish massage which uses specific kinds of strokes to stimulate a response, and is effective in reducing or ending pain. Another popular massage is the deep tissue massage which is a type of bodywork that applies deeper pressure to relieve tension in the deep layers of muscle tissue. This type is beneficial for releasing areas undergoing chronic stress due to high activity, lingering injuries, and repetitive motions. Likewise, if you’re an athletic player, our sports massage is available to provide relief to your sore muscles. After a grueling game or practice, it is beneficial to rehabilitate your muscles so you can be ready for the next game!

Your massage therapist will ensure that by the end of your session you will feel stress-free and be ready to take on the days ahead of you fully relaxed. Come find us in Costa Mesa, CA at Tida Thai Massage Spa. We’ll be sure to make all the stress disappear with the help of our professional massage therapy.